What Mind, Body, and Wags is all About

I once read, “Sometimes, the advice you tell other people is the advice you need to follow”. These words have been on repeat in my head lately, as if they were an overplayed song on the radio. I tell others one thing, but then catch myself falling into a trap of not listening to my own words. As a strong champion for healthy eating, daily exercise, and a positive mindset, I have fallen very short of these guidelines. I find myself indulging a little too much when I am stressed (which is all the time), allow laziness to keep me on the couch distracted with my iPhone instead of training for my next running race, and worst of all, I permit negative thoughts to flood my brain day in and day out.

As we go through the roller coaster of life, our minds, bodies, and souls are truly the core of the journey. Without a healthy (and spiritual) mind, we derail our happiness and peace. Without a strong, confident body, we cannot truly achieve our full potential. And lastly, without a loving, radiant soul, we cannot appreciate the beautiful things about life.  For me, dogs have always lifted my mood. Walking down the street, I am the one who shouts, “Look how cute that dog is!” or immediately asks an owner to pet his/her canine. The moment I notice a dog, I insistently feel joy, no matter how my day was going prior to that encounter.  That is what makes dogs so amazing- they know exactly how to make you smile without even trying.

With that being said, dogs are our forever companions, and without my pup Enzo, I would probably be spiraling down in a pool of negative emotions.  My complete balance in life involves mind, body, and wags, i.e. dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages that soothe my soul! As you follow me through the journey of healthy recipes, daily food logs, workouts that will make you sweat, entries of the hard times and the fun times, all while living life to the fullest (and everything in between) you will be sure to see how a short wagging tail from a Doberman Pinscher helps make my days brighter.

I hope as you read and follow my journey, you will find some inspiration to improve yours! I am finally ready to commit and follow my own advice of living healthy– physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Though we all make mistakes from time to time, with some help from family, friends, and our canine companions, together we can make our future happier and healthier 🙂 .

Mind, Body, and Wags!

-A. Gags